Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dance..Free Like A Butterfly To Soar!!!

I've always had a passion to dance since I was a young child. Even though, some of the dancing I performed was provocative while growing up.  Much of it was also done to glorify myself.  My sister, cousins, and I would make up our own dances all of the time.   I have learned different styles of dancing.  I performed a little of ballet, hip hop, african, jazz, carribean, and drill team dance with a band. Some I stuck with for a while and some I quitted in the beginning. When I was about 14 yrs. old at my old church New Covenant Christian Ministries had a guest who ministered in dance.  I remember her dancing to Karen Wheaton's "Holy" and dressed beautifully in red praise dance attire. I remember thinking to myself I want to do that one day. Something was birthed in me.  It has always left a mark in me.  Years later when I began to live for Christ my desire changed to use my dancing to glorify him.  I was apart of a dance ministry at my old church High Praise for several years..I knew this was something God called me to do.  When I'm on the stage rapping my rhymes that exalts God it's a phenomenal feeling. I felt the same passion when I would minister in dance with the dance ministry.  I volunteered for a few years to help lead the children in dance during worship. I wasn't trying to be seen or applauded.  There was a desire in me to also minister by myself in dance.   I would vision myself wearing a beautiful purple dress and dancing graceful to music that adored the Lord.  I had a major issue holding me back.  It was myself.  I was scared and felt like I couldn't choreographed a good dance.  I would try to choreograph a dance at times but, would get frustrated because it didn't look right or I felt I wasn't creative enough.  I researched different dance videos and ordered a dvd on how to choreorgraph praise dances.  Over a year ago, the Lord impressed on my heart to choreograph a dance. I chose a song from CeCe Winans and finally my first dance was finished. But, I wasn't really feeling it.  Still felt defeated a little.  When we moved back to Atlanta several months ago I felt the need to choreograph another dance.  Which really didn't make sense..Because we just moved from another state and even though Salt Ministries is still our heart..Not many people knew about our ministry here in Georgia yet..I had no idea when I would have an opportunity to minister in dance..I decided to be obdedient anyways and go ahead with the process..At first I tried to take the easy way out by picking an easy song..Marvin Sapp's "Never Would Have Made It" because I knew that many people recorded a praise dance to this on youtube.  One day my husband challenged me to choreography a dance to a song called "Cry Holy" by V.Rose.  Yes!! This song was my heart..But, I was scared that I wouldn't be able to come up with a dance.  At first I became really frustrated the first day I worked on it and wanted to give up.  I'm glad my husband didn't feel sorry for me because he knew that I could do it.  I waited for a few days.  I decided to really lean on the Holy Spirit to help me come up with moves and to go for it. Weeks later my dance was halfway done and I was excited about how much I had accomplished..I was still shy and not that confident in my dance..I remember one day showing it to my mom and husband..They really like it..So it encouraged me to finish..One day while visting Rob's grandma he told her about my dance and she asked me be apart of  her fashion show..I now had a few months to finish the dance..Even though, I was nervous I felt like this is something that God has called me to do..Dancing has always been my passion and I would give it a shot..Skipping forward to the night before I ministered this dance..I was kinda of nervous..Praying to God for boldness and him to minister through me..That night I didn't sleep well at all..I felt that my sleep was disturbed intentionally..Then the next day I was certain that this was a God thing and he was going to use me..As I woke up I heard this song in my spirit "How great is our God..Sing with me How Great is our God..All will see How Great..How Great is our God!"..I was a little bit nervous but, this encouraged me that this was God. I did my dance for the first time and it turned out more beautiful then I expected..Thank u Jesus!!I had on a beautiful purple dress with gold..I even had my natural afro out with a beautiful gold headband..I felt so beautiful and free..Many people said that my dance was beautiful, graceful, and ministry..Some wanted to give me a hug..My husband's grandmother who was over the program told me how beautiful it was..She also told my father inlaw how proud of me she was..And everyone who knows her knows that she keeps it real!!LOL One of the most amazing memories is that of the little girls who admired me dancing for the Lord..They were gathered around and asked me questions..Playing with my streamer..Who knows maybe one of them will grow up and desire to use their body to glorify the Lord in dance..Instead of dancing on a pole or the club..Like the lady who inspired me when I was a teenager..Now I feel so accomplished like the first time I wrote my first christian rap by myself years ago..I also have another event to minister in dance coming up..I feel so free and have blossomed into a buttefly..I'm inspired to keep dancing and to choreograph more dances in the future that will bring glory to my Lord!!

"So use your whole body as an instrument to do what is right for the glory of God.  Sin is no longer your master, for you no longer live under the requirements of the law. Instead, you live under the freedom of God’s grace."-Romans 6:14-15

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