Thursday, November 3, 2011

Why I Love Online Virtual Public School For My 6 yr. old Son?

My husband and I decided to put our son in an online virtual public school for his first grade year. We have been very impressed. My son has the best of both worlds with learning online and school books in all of his subjects. He is learning so much and it has given me an opportunity to really work on the areas he was weak in. Our desire is for him to have such a strong foundation in learning that will help him for years to come. We've already been on a field trip with many other kids that are enrolled at Georgia Connections Academy and have one coming up. Also, his schooling is free since its an online public school. He has a teacher who calls and emails us to check his progress. His teacher also do weekly live lessons virtually with all of the children in the class. They also mailed us a big box all of his school books, art supplies, science tools, cd-rom, color pencils, markers, crayons, jump rope, yoga dvd, and many other supplies to help with learning for free.  Online every day you see the lessons that he has to do for each subject. Some times he has quizzes, assignments, and tests online. As well as writing in his work books for each subject and sending in assigments to his teacher. I also love the fact that his grades is updated and posted daily for each subject online.  The school has an actual principal and headquaters where you can contact them 5 days a week. Plus I love the flexibility with making our own schedule.  As long as we meet the state requirement weeky. Last week and some of this week he was sick with a stomach bug.  I'm so thankful that he was already at home because he would have been behind if he attended a school outside of our home.  But, because his schooling was online and at home we were able to keep up with his school work.  He is reading many books, spelling, and writing words with confidence. He is also learning so much in social studies, science, language arts, art and his favorite math.  He is also required to do physical education (P.E.) at home for a certain amount of time each week. One of his favorite activity is going bicycling and soon he will play on a basket ball team at a local recreation center.  We plan on him returning back to a regular public school in the 2nd or 3rd grade. But, I'm so thankful that parents now have a choice to send their children to online virtual public school for free.  It is now provided in most states. For more information go to

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