Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Why Did I A Become A Beauty Queen?

I never had any desire to be a beauty queen. Like most people I had the stereotypical view of a beauty queen. I wanted nothing to do with that.  My previous supervisor Debra from P.C. Surgery Center mentioned to me a few years ago about entering beauty pageants. But, it wasn't me. I'm not a fan of make up and looking fake!LOL Then about a year ago my group S.A.L.T. went to minister thru music at a local church in Panama City. The director of that event was Keia May who was also a reigning beauty queen. After talking to her it was like something ignited in me about wanting to be a beauty queen.  I've always had a heart to reach out to people and to be a good role model. Also,  I'm passionate about being a light and showing the love of Christ. So, I begin this journey at 27 yrs. old of competing in several beauty pageants at different levels. I have several different titles and trophies. I stay true to myself in beauty pageants. The only makeup I wear is lipstick. I believe in being confident and won't do anything that compromises with my beliefs.  I'm excited about the journey and platform that I have embraced.  I want to be a voice that touches a generation...Thats why I became a beauty queen!


  1. Great blog! I love that you are sharing about the experiences you are having with the pageants! ~MaryBeth

  2. This is great Curtisha.It is good that you are showing people that you don't have to fit the stereotypes to become a beauty queen!-Brittany

  3. Thanks ladies, I greatly appreciate your words of encouragment and truth!