Wednesday, November 2, 2011

*True Friendships Are Like Rare Gems*

I have come to a conclusion from observing people and including my own personal experiences from the past several years. In my opinion a good percentage of people do not know how to be a true friend or have any true friendships. Some people may assume I'm talking about high school students & children. Many of them are still learning and unfortunately mimic what they see from their parents.  I have observe people from different ages, cultures, races, careers, and religions. A good friendship isn’t solely based on the amount of years you have been friends. I’m far from being an expert!LOL But, you don't have to be a Rocket Scientist to understand what makes a friendship works. What are some characteristics of a true friendship? Below I listed a few key ingredients in my opinion that is a good recipe for a friendship.

-Loyalty & Honor: For example my sister is also my friend. We were close growing up. But, sometimes we got on each others nerves! Our parents taught us how to treat one another. We didn't go outside of our house gossiping about one another and dragging each others name through the mud. I didn't allow other people to dog my sister out in my face or join in with them.

-Communication & Understanding: A good relationship requires good communication and understanding. There is a way of saying and doing things. The first year of my marriage my husband and me argued a lot. Mostly due to my mouth!LOL I learned to communicate properly, utilize self-control, and made the effort to put myself in his shoes. Our relationship became much better. It took time but, now it's been a few years since we really argued. We have learned to let things go and to acknowledge when we‘re wrong.

-It takes 2 to make a relationship work: A friendship is a give and take relationship. Both friends are contributing to make the relationship work. You are there for one another.

-Love, Forgiveness, and Acceptance: It's easy to tell someone you love them. But, your actions is what really counts. We are all built differently and shouldn’t expect people to have our exact views. Everyone is far from perfect and we all make mistakes. We don't have to forget but, we should forgive one another.

-Honesty and Trust: A good friend allows you to be honest with them and to be yourself. I pay close attention when I hear someone talk badly about their friend or reveal to me secret information about a person. I make a mental note because, that usually means that person can't be trusted with confidential information. Friends also speak the truth in love when needed. Also, don't believe anything you hear about a friend unless you have facts. That is how rumors are started. We as Christians are held to a higher standard when it comes to our Brothers & Sisters in the Body of Christ. We should regularly examine ourselves and friendships. Remember no one is perfect. But, gossiping, back biting, and slander is all fleshy

I believe that if we would apply these ingredients we will experience better friendships. Some of my closest friends are people my age, twice my age, different races, & from different cultures. But, they all bring something special to my life in different ways. I appreciate and genuinely value each of them. If you haven't been a true friend there is no condemnation. But, take action and make some changes. Please examine your past relationships and you will probably learn something for new potential friendships come your way.

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