Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Rise Of Superficial Beauty

I remember years ago a friend of mines attempted to commit suicide. But, thank God she didn’t die. When I went to visit her she was concerned that she needed her makeup. She was already a beautiful girl. I was sadden by the fact that she was close to death, her life was in chaos, and her concern was her appearance. Before I go any further let me make this clear I’m not against wearing makeup or looking beautiful. I reflect back years ago at a church I once attended. I was apart of the dance ministry. Once practice was finished many of us would change our clothes and freshen up our appearance. Some of the teens and young girls who barely started puberty would be in the mirror applying their makeup. Some of them had beautiful skin naturally and didn’t feel complete unless they had on makeup. We also discussed the views of different body images. Their was one teen who talked about how she didn’t have the perfect body but, was content with it. She also, stated that when she becomes an adult her husband would have to love her the way she is. Then their was another young girl who was a preteen at the time.  She explained to us that when she becomes an adult if her breast were still small she would consider getting implants. I’m not against plastic surgeries are bashing people who desire to have it. My concern is these girls were young and their focused should have been on more important things in life. But, in this society and including many women in churches we’re too consumed by our outward appearances. While our inner beauty is dull and fading. Where is our character? Where is our modesty? Where is our morals? Where is our integrity? One day our outter beauty and youthful appearances will fade.  We admire celebrities like Nicki Minaj whose breast and butt are super fake. We admire Pamela Anderson who looks like a fake plastic Barbie. We look up to Beyonce, Rhianna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Trina, and Paris Hilton who dresses like prostitutes. Many of these celebrities are air brushed and appearances are altered in photos and videos to look more appealing. We wonder why many men look at women as only sex objects and are disrespectful towards us because of the way we carry ourselves. Fathers and Mothers you have a huge responsibility of teaching your daughters how a woman should carry herself and whats really important in life. Women of God we have to step it up in our churches. It’s not about our cute outfits and how good our hair looks. We have to be an example to these young ladies and quit acting shallow. We’re in need of better role models in the entertainment industry who aren’t superficial and dress like prostitutes. Once again I’m not against outer beauty. One of the reason that I became a Beauty Queen is that I believe in being confident but, also being modest at the same time. Their is nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel beautiful.  But, it shouldn't be the focus of our life and who we are. The vain queen in the story of "Snow White" was jealous of Snow White and she was driven by vanity.  Some of us may think we're not that extreme with looks.  But, I want to encourage all of you ladies to really examine how you view yourself and the image that you portray to others.

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