Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Poision or Fruit?

In general People run their mouths too much..I was reading the book of proverbs online in the message version..I really like the modern interpretations of wisdom it gives..The last few years I have really learned about controlling my tounge..& I'm benefitting from it greatly..What's coming out of your mouth is it Poison of Fruit? I'm not condemning anyone or pointing any fingers..We all can benefit from these quotes below!

-Listening to gossip is like eating cheap candy;
do you really want junk like that in your belly? (Proverbs 18:8)

- Words kill, words give life;
they're either poison or fruit—you choos
e. (Proverbs18:21)

- Gossips can't keep secrets,
so never confide in blabbermou
ths. (Proverbs 20:19)

- Answering before listening
is both stupi
d and rude. (Proverbs 18:13)

-Words satisfy the mind as much as fruit does the stomach;
good talk is as gratifying as a good harve
st. (Proverbs18:20)

- The person who tells lies gets caught;
the person who spreads rumors is ruine
d. (Proverbs 19:9)

- Troublemakers start fights;
gossips break up friendship
s. (Proverbs 16:28)

--Gracious speech is like clover honey
good taste to the soul, quick energ
y for the body.(Proverbs16:24)

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