Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kim Kardashian's Divorce

Several days ago I was about to log into my Yahoo email. Then I saw the news article about Kim Kardashian. Usually, I don't pay attention  to whats going on with the Celebrities because I could care lesss.  Yahoo News stated that she was filing for divorce after 72 days of marriage. I was thinking are you totally kidding me. Then I read further and saw how the wedding caused ten million dollars! I was pretty upset. It's not my money. She can spend her money how she wants. It made me upset that all that money was wasted and there are millions of  people in America struggling financially. Obviously, she must have felt bad after it was reported because I saw reports about her giving the wedding gifts to a charity.  Also, the fact that she wasn't married long was another issue.  Marriage isn't something to be taken lightly. Marriage is a serious, selfless, & sacred commitment. It upsets me how many of these celebrities are so irresponsible. I'm aware they are only human but, they have millions of people who are influenced by them. Where are the good role models? I'm tired of seeing these women carry themselves very loose and engulfed in vanity. I think Kim Kardashian is a beautiful woman so, I'm not jealous or hating on her. It's sad the way she and many other celebrities carry themselves. One day no matter how beautiful you are your looks will fade. There needs to be more to you left then your outer beauty.  So, I really hope she makes wiser decision, strives to be a better role model, and use wisdom when it come to getting married again.

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