Sunday, June 2, 2013

High Heels and High Standards Facebook Page & Blog Spot

I am so proud of my little sister Brittany Jay who is young and on fire for the lord. She has almost 8,000 followers on her High Heels & High Standards Facebook page.She isn't trying to make a name for herself..She is all about pulling out the red carpet for the real superstar Jesus Christ!! She has recently did her first webshow online. Please check out her blog, videos, & facebook page.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dance..Free Like A Butterfly To Soar!!!

I've always had a passion to dance since I was a young child. Even though, some of the dancing I performed was provocative while growing up.  Much of it was also done to glorify myself.  My sister, cousins, and I would make up our own dances all of the time.   I have learned different styles of dancing.  I performed a little of ballet, hip hop, african, jazz, carribean, and drill team dance with a band. Some I stuck with for a while and some I quitted in the beginning. When I was about 14 yrs. old at my old church New Covenant Christian Ministries had a guest who ministered in dance.  I remember her dancing to Karen Wheaton's "Holy" and dressed beautifully in red praise dance attire. I remember thinking to myself I want to do that one day. Something was birthed in me.  It has always left a mark in me.  Years later when I began to live for Christ my desire changed to use my dancing to glorify him.  I was apart of a dance ministry at my old church High Praise for several years..I knew this was something God called me to do.  When I'm on the stage rapping my rhymes that exalts God it's a phenomenal feeling. I felt the same passion when I would minister in dance with the dance ministry.  I volunteered for a few years to help lead the children in dance during worship. I wasn't trying to be seen or applauded.  There was a desire in me to also minister by myself in dance.   I would vision myself wearing a beautiful purple dress and dancing graceful to music that adored the Lord.  I had a major issue holding me back.  It was myself.  I was scared and felt like I couldn't choreographed a good dance.  I would try to choreograph a dance at times but, would get frustrated because it didn't look right or I felt I wasn't creative enough.  I researched different dance videos and ordered a dvd on how to choreorgraph praise dances.  Over a year ago, the Lord impressed on my heart to choreograph a dance. I chose a song from CeCe Winans and finally my first dance was finished. But, I wasn't really feeling it.  Still felt defeated a little.  When we moved back to Atlanta several months ago I felt the need to choreograph another dance.  Which really didn't make sense..Because we just moved from another state and even though Salt Ministries is still our heart..Not many people knew about our ministry here in Georgia yet..I had no idea when I would have an opportunity to minister in dance..I decided to be obdedient anyways and go ahead with the process..At first I tried to take the easy way out by picking an easy song..Marvin Sapp's "Never Would Have Made It" because I knew that many people recorded a praise dance to this on youtube.  One day my husband challenged me to choreography a dance to a song called "Cry Holy" by V.Rose.  Yes!! This song was my heart..But, I was scared that I wouldn't be able to come up with a dance.  At first I became really frustrated the first day I worked on it and wanted to give up.  I'm glad my husband didn't feel sorry for me because he knew that I could do it.  I waited for a few days.  I decided to really lean on the Holy Spirit to help me come up with moves and to go for it. Weeks later my dance was halfway done and I was excited about how much I had accomplished..I was still shy and not that confident in my dance..I remember one day showing it to my mom and husband..They really like it..So it encouraged me to finish..One day while visting Rob's grandma he told her about my dance and she asked me be apart of  her fashion show..I now had a few months to finish the dance..Even though, I was nervous I felt like this is something that God has called me to do..Dancing has always been my passion and I would give it a shot..Skipping forward to the night before I ministered this dance..I was kinda of nervous..Praying to God for boldness and him to minister through me..That night I didn't sleep well at all..I felt that my sleep was disturbed intentionally..Then the next day I was certain that this was a God thing and he was going to use me..As I woke up I heard this song in my spirit "How great is our God..Sing with me How Great is our God..All will see How Great..How Great is our God!"..I was a little bit nervous but, this encouraged me that this was God. I did my dance for the first time and it turned out more beautiful then I expected..Thank u Jesus!!I had on a beautiful purple dress with gold..I even had my natural afro out with a beautiful gold headband..I felt so beautiful and free..Many people said that my dance was beautiful, graceful, and ministry..Some wanted to give me a hug..My husband's grandmother who was over the program told me how beautiful it was..She also told my father inlaw how proud of me she was..And everyone who knows her knows that she keeps it real!!LOL One of the most amazing memories is that of the little girls who admired me dancing for the Lord..They were gathered around and asked me questions..Playing with my streamer..Who knows maybe one of them will grow up and desire to use their body to glorify the Lord in dance..Instead of dancing on a pole or the club..Like the lady who inspired me when I was a teenager..Now I feel so accomplished like the first time I wrote my first christian rap by myself years ago..I also have another event to minister in dance coming up..I feel so free and have blossomed into a buttefly..I'm inspired to keep dancing and to choreograph more dances in the future that will bring glory to my Lord!!

"So use your whole body as an instrument to do what is right for the glory of God.  Sin is no longer your master, for you no longer live under the requirements of the law. Instead, you live under the freedom of God’s grace."-Romans 6:14-15

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dysfunctional Families In The Black Culture...

I lived in the metro area of Atlanta most of my life. Majority of the schools I attended and neighborhoods I grew up in were all Black.  Many people in my family grew up without their fathers. Many had deadbeat dads. As a result of absent fathers and dysfunctional relationships it affected the children growing up.  Most of the ladies in my family had babies when they were teens. Most of the guys in my family were involved heavily in the streets and in trouble with the law.  We don't have many high school graduates and only a few have been to college.  It's the norm at family gatherings to see people drunk and high.  I'm not trying to bash my family because I love them & no one is perfect.  The point I'm trying to stress that this isn't normal. This isn't the way a healthy family is supose to function. Unfortunately, you see this alot in the Black Culture. The other day I was visiting family who I haven't seen in years. My son who is 6 years old was very tired. So he laid his head down on his father lap.  This family member said that my son was spoil and that we need to make sure he was tough..Just because he was lying down on his father's lap. Now this person who was given advice has about 8 children and has no relationship with any of them. I sternly and politely told him..That my child is not spoiled. He's well balanced..Well Loved..And just because my child is lying down on his father doesn't mean that he's not tough.  Many black people and men view a male who displays his affection/love for someone as weak.  Which is not true.  That is why many black children grow up without really receiving affection from their parents.  They don't know how to love back and express their love. It affects their childhood and even how they intereact with one another.  Many are searching in the wrong places for love. Thats why many relationships and marriages are in the state that they are. Their is hope.  My husband and I refuse to be another statistic. My husband grew up without his father. But, he had made the decision that he wanted to be a good father and husband.  We display our love for one another and because of that our child feels secure.  I'm just sharing my opinion on this subject because I'm tired of seeing the dysfunction in our families.  Generation after Generation are being affected.  We have to make a choice to break the cycle starting with ourselves!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Upcoming "NW Georgia Palm" Beauty Pageant in the ATLANTA Area!!!!!

I will be directing the Nw Georgia Beauty Pageant in The Atlanta Area TBA on January 28th 2012(saturday) from 2pm-5pm. This pageant leads to the state and then national level!!! I'm looking for diversity for the upcoming beauty pageant. I'm not the typical beauty queen..So, I would like to encourage Ladies & Girls from Different Ethnic Backgrounds, Cultures, & Religions to compete..It doesn't matter if you're Plus Size or Petite..Beauty comes in all different forms, shapes, and colors!

Info 14 Titles will be awarded!!
"8 Division Queens will be crowned
2 Swimwear Queens will be crowned
2 Model Queens will be crowned
2 Talent Queens will be crowned"
PLUS!! Two Supremes!!
Pageant is Open to Residents of the Georgia Only!
Baby Miss NW Georgia Palm Queen (0-23 Mo)
Teeny Miss NW Georgia Queen ( 2-3 )
Tiny Miss NW Georgia Palm Queen ( 4 - 6 )
Little Miss NW Georgia Palm Queen ( 7 - 9 )
Junior Miss Georgia Palm Queen (10-12)
Teen Miss NW Georgia Palm Queen(13-16)
Miss NW Georgia Palm Queen( 17- 23 Years Old )
Mrs. NW Georgia Palm Queen( 21 -Up & Married )
"Plus 6 Miss NW Georgia Tropical Palm Titles will be awarded*
1 Little Miss NW Georgia Tropical Palm Queen (Swimwear) Ages 0 - 9 years old
1 Miss NW Georgia Tropical Palm Queen (Swimwear) Ages 10 - up
1 Little Miss NW Georgia Tropical Queen (Model) Ages 0 - 9 years old
1 Miss NW Georgia Tropical Palm Queen (Model) Ages 10 - up
1 Miss NW Georgia Tropical Palm Queen (Talent) Ages 0-9
1 Miss NW Georgia Tropical Palm Queen (Talent) Ages 10-up
The one Contestant with the highest score in Modeling will have NW Model of the Year added to her banner.
Must enter both competitions to be eligible.
Peoples Choice Voting is $1.00 per vote.
Modeling Talent and Swimwear ARE OPTIONAL
All 8 division Queens & the Model, Talent & Swimwear Queens will receive a beautiful official Miss NW Georgia Palm crown, Banner, and continue on to the Miss Georgia Palm State Pageant on St Simons Island in August! AND all prelim winners are eligible to compete at Nationals in Panama City, Florida.
"You must enter at least 2 of the onstage optional competitions to be eligible for Supreme "
Swimwear & Modeling & Talent OPTIONAL
Little Miss NW Georgia Tropical Palm Queen Competition: Ages 0-6
Jr. Miss NW Georgia Tropical Palm Queen Competition: Ages 7-12
Miss NW Georgia Tropical Palm Queen Competition: Ages 13-Up
No experience is necessary to compete in the Miss NW Georgia Palm Pageant! It is an at large pageant and open to anyone within the state of Georgia, and goes on to STATE AND NATIONAL SOUTHERN MISS!
The Miss Georgia Palm Scholarship Pageant is designed as a premier pageant system to support Crowns for Education through Scholarships and teamwork to make a difference in the world.
Email the director for your contestant packet  or click on the link below

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hypocrisy In The Church..What's The Point Of Going?

For years, I had lost a desire to go to church. I would just go through the motions of going there because it was where I felt God wanted me to be during those seasons. Which I desire to be obedient to God even more then my comfort.  Now, don't get it twisted.   My relationship with Christ and being a Christian didn't interfere with my lack of desire of going to church. I was and still is passionately in love with Jesus.  It was evident to all of those who knew me. I was irritated.  There were times when I was going through some serious circumstances as well as many other people. But, most of the sermons were about breakthru in finances and materialism. I felt that hearing sermons on those topics weren't going to change my situation.  There were several other things I could go on and on about. Like the lack of action of reaching out to the community, the fakeness, and lack of genuine love.  But, this blog isn't intended to bash going to church. I enjoy going to church when the word is genuinely preached, delivered without compromise, the pastor's heart is after God, the church is actively involved in reaching out to the community, there is genuine love evident, and assembling together with others to seek God's face. We as people are imperfect so there will never be a perfect church.  But, there should definitely be a standard.  A local church should be a place where people can gather with others to learn more about Christ, be encouarged,  and challenged. Also it should be a place that Believers are equipped and trained to go into their communities and jobs demonstrating the power of Jesus thru their lives.  There are people who are lost and hurting all over the world.  A local church shouldn't be just as a social club. The love of Jesus should be evident in our churches.  I have benefitted greatly from a few close friendships as a result of going to a local church.  These people have been there during difficult times in our lives.  Even though, we live far away from each other we still communicate regularly.  I'm so thankful for those friendships and rejoice in knowing that we can count on our friends.  Through out the bible especially the new testament, it teaches us how a biblical church is supose to function.  So I'm not trying to be picky. I read my bible and if something doesn't line up with it I'm going to question it.  I'm not preaching a sermon but, I will insert a passage of scripture below.

" All the believers devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, and to fellowship, and to sharing in meals (including the Lord’s Supper[ , and to prayer. A deep sense of awe came over them all, and the apostles performed many miraculous signs and wonders. And all the believers met together in one place and shared everything they had. They sold their property and possessions and shared the money with those in need. They worshiped together at the Temple each day, met in homes for the Lord’s Supper, and shared their meals with great joy and generosity all the while praising God and enjoying the goodwill of all the people. And each day the Lord added to their fellowship those who were being saved."-Acts 2:42-47

We learn from the above scriptures that gathering together with other Believers is a good thing. The Early Church in the New Testament devoted themselves to the teachings of the apostles, they assembled together in prayer, they shared their possessions giving to those in need, they genuinely praised God, enjoyed the fellowship of all people, and because of that they were powerful and received great growth. A strong church is built upon a solid foundation of Jesus Christ. It consists of Pastors and Leaders who are submitted to God's will, who are good shepherds according to the bible, preaching of the gospel, focused on equipping people, authenticy, outreach to the community, and understands the pupose of ministry.  Also, majority of the People in the Congregation are being challenged, edified, on fire, growing spirtually, walking in love, walking in unity, reaching out to others, and picking up their cross.  When a church is functioning the way God intended it to be it affects those who are apart of it and also infiltrates out into community.  I've moved to a new location almost a few months ago.  Although I wasn't looking for a perfect church, there were several things I was looking for in a new church.  My checklist consisted of a pastor that passionate about his relationship with Christ, a place where the gospel is preached/sound doctrine, a multi racial church, realness, a sensing of the Holy Spirit presence, good children's church, equipping of the believers, and heavy involvement in transforming the community! My husband, son, and I have attended this church about six times. So far we absolutely like the church.  Everytime we attend service the worship has been great and there is definitely a sensing of God's presence evident. Also the preaching has been really good. The sermons usually encourages, edifies, and challenge us.  A few times when we attended there were circumstances we we're experiencing in our personal lives that happened to be mention in the sermon. It totally enourage us to keep running the race and to not throw in the towel. The children's church has also been impressive. My son has been learning and challenged.  They have their own Praise And Worship service.  Now I know there may be somethings in the future we won't necessary agree with all the time. Thats okay as long as it doesn't compromise with the standard of whats in that bible.  So I want to encourage those who have had bad experience or want to give up on churches to be encouraged.  Our faith and hope shouldn't be in a Pastor or a Church building in the first place.  Put your hope in Christ, get in your word, and seek him for guidance! I encourage you to continue to walk in love, forgive, and don't separate yourself from other Believers. Live a radical life for Jesus, let his light shine through you, and focus on being his vessel in this world!

Kim Kardashian's Divorce

Several days ago I was about to log into my Yahoo email. Then I saw the news article about Kim Kardashian. Usually, I don't pay attention  to whats going on with the Celebrities because I could care lesss.  Yahoo News stated that she was filing for divorce after 72 days of marriage. I was thinking are you totally kidding me. Then I read further and saw how the wedding caused ten million dollars! I was pretty upset. It's not my money. She can spend her money how she wants. It made me upset that all that money was wasted and there are millions of  people in America struggling financially. Obviously, she must have felt bad after it was reported because I saw reports about her giving the wedding gifts to a charity.  Also, the fact that she wasn't married long was another issue.  Marriage isn't something to be taken lightly. Marriage is a serious, selfless, & sacred commitment. It upsets me how many of these celebrities are so irresponsible. I'm aware they are only human but, they have millions of people who are influenced by them. Where are the good role models? I'm tired of seeing these women carry themselves very loose and engulfed in vanity. I think Kim Kardashian is a beautiful woman so, I'm not jealous or hating on her. It's sad the way she and many other celebrities carry themselves. One day no matter how beautiful you are your looks will fade. There needs to be more to you left then your outer beauty.  So, I really hope she makes wiser decision, strives to be a better role model, and use wisdom when it come to getting married again.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Freedom From The Creamy Crack...

I have finally experience freedom from my hair being addicted to creamy crack!LOL I'm so serious. But, at the same time I'm totally kidding. I remember being a young girl and my mama would straighten my hair with a hot comb on the stove. I had a head full of thick, black, and long hair. Boy, was I scared every time she grabbed that comb and put it through my hair. I could feel the steam rising and tried my best to sit still so, i wouldn't get burnt. When she finished my hair it was so worth it. My hair would be straight until, the humidity of Atlanta's weather attacked it. Once that happen, it would be frizzy and puffy again. By the time I was seven years old, my mama decided to put a relaxer in my hair. I was so excited. I wouldn’t have to go through the torture of having my hair straighten anymore. It would now be straight for a long time. I remember looking in the mirror for the first time after getting my relaxer. I felt so beautiful and was amazed to see my hair. Although, I loved having my hair being relaxed there were many things I didn’t like about it. I usually had my hair retouched every 6-8 weeks. I couldn’t scratch my scalp a few days before I got it. If I did my scalp would burn and I would receive sores in the places that I scratch. It also took a lengthy amount of time to apply and rinse all of it out of my hair. If any of it was left in my hair it could cause ball spots. I also hated the smell. My hair would smell like chemicals for days. When it rain or my hair got wet it would ruin my hair style. Most of my life I relaxed my hair. I was pregnant with my son seven years ago and I didn’t use a relaxer during my pregnancy. I didn’t want to take the chances of using those chemcals while I was pregnant. But, once I delivered him I went back to the Creamy Crack!LOL I was in the valley of decision for a long time, before I actually decided to go totally natural. About seven months ago, I made up my mind to go natural. I was sick and tired of having to put a relaxer in my hair. My hair is so thick and I rarely like relaxing it myself. So I usually went to the hair salon and it was expensive keeping it done. I discussed it with my husband, he was supportive, so I begin doing research on natural hair care. I begin researching information on websites and watching YouTube tutorials. My hair was a few inches below my shoulder. One day I came home from work and decided that I would cut a few inches off. So with the help of my husband, my hair was cut into a bob. I received many compliments but, my goal was to go natural. I knew once I begin the journey of chopping off inches there was no turning back. I made up my mind to decrease my use of blow dryers and flat irons during the transition process. I tried different styles. Some people liked my hair and some wasn’t a fan of it. But, I made up my mind that I was doing it for myself. I wanted my hair to be healthy and to be free of that process. I would read interviews from Biracial and African American celebrities who had curly or kinky hair. Many of them would state that it still isn’t widely accepted in the Entertainment Industry to wear their hair in its natural state. Although there are many African American Women who are now embracing their natural hair. Some are still ashamed and embarrassed to show their hair in its natural state.  As if, they don’t feel beautiful unless their hair is straight. I’ll be honest before I begun this journey I felt the same way too. I was scared to wear my hair in its natural state. I had no idea how I would look. Then I begin to contemplate that God created my hair like this and I wanted to embrace it. I was tired of being in bondage when I go to the beach having to cover my hair or when it was humid outside it would mess up my hair. So for several months I wore different transition hairstyles and micro twists with extensions. I wanted my relaxer to grow out before I decided what to do. For months I went back and forth on what I should do with my hair. Would I do the Big Chop and cut it all off? Or Would I go through the slow process of letting the relaxer grow completely out of my hair? One night sporadically, I decided to take my braids out and then I planned on cutting off  the relaxed hair. I felt like I had some kahunas to do the Big Chop. At about 6:00 a.m. in the morning I cut off all the relaxer from my hair. I had a few inches of new growth. I was in shocked of how my hair was looking as I cut the hair off. When I finished my hair was a super, thick, mini afro. I felt such liberation. I experience a measure of freedom. I looked in the mirror I felt beautiful. I had no make up or earrings on to enhance my beauty.  In the future I will still wear wigs and weaves at times. But, I have been delivered from the creamy crack also known as a relaxer. I know in this blog I picked fun at relaxers but, I don’t condemn anyone who chooses to use it. I’m embracing this journey and the freedom I feel from being natural! Bye Bye Creamy Crack!! My hair no longer needs you!